Blue Reef can arrange many nice day-trips and excursions for you! Mentioned below is just small selection, you can always ask us for specific wishes!

Sailing and snorkling

With our own boat “Umoja” we can take you out for a nice sailing trip over the lagune. During this trip you can snorkel and swim. You can also make a sunset or sunrising sailing tour, very romantic! When the tide is big enough you can also visit the reef and see how local people catch fish and octopus. This tour is also very nice for families!

Spice tour

Zanzibar is well known as the Spice Island of the east African region, and no trip to Zanzibar could be considered being complete without a visit to one of the various spice farms.

Jozani Forest and Zanzibar Butterfly Centre

Jozani Forest is known for its diverse monkey population being the only natural forest where you can find the Red Colobus monkey! There are different nice trails. The forest is a great place to encounter many indigenous varieties of flora and fauna like Blue Sykes’ Monkeys, Bush Pigs, Aders Duiker Antelopes, Elephant Shrews, Chameleons and numerous birds and butterflies. One kilometre to the West of the Jozani Park entrance is the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre. This enclosed tropical garden teaming with around a dozen species of butterfly. 5.5 km south of the park is Zala Park, another interesting nature reserve, this time for reptiles.

Sandbank tour

This exclusive sandbank and  picnick tour is an amaxing day full of sun, sand and sea!
Our captain Ali will bring you to the most beautifull sandbank located in the South of Zanzibar.
There will be enough time to enjoy the sun, te swim, to relax and to do some snorkling.
The tour is inclusive lunch at the sandbank and very suitable for couples, families and groups.

Stone Town Tour

A Stone Town city tour together with our local guide could be the perfect way to explore Stone Town.

Eco + Culture Tours Jambiani

We offer a cultural exposure tour in the village of Jambiani. Three and a half miles long, with a population of over 6000 people, this village has for some years featured a cultural tour that gives travelers an insight into the daily lifes of locals, and offers information about their past and their future. The initiator ploughs all the profits back into community projects.

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