The Menai Bay Conservation Area is not among the mainstream diving locations in the world.
It is located on the South Western tip of the Island of Unguja, Zanzibar. This is a large area of volcanic islands, sand banks and coral reefs.
In the shallow seas surrounding these islands, there is a large variety of corals and some of the most beautiful  tropical fish and marine life can be found in these waters. Seasonally humpback whales pass through the conservation area for about 3 months from August to October.
The Menai Bay is also the home of humpback and bottlenose dolphins. Giant clams are also abundant in the region.  

We have diving possibilities for all, from beginners to experienced divers.
Our dive sites range between 10 to 35 meters depth, the water temeperature is between 25-30 °C all year round. 
The underwater life is very rich in this area with a lot of different corals and many different tropical fish. Some examples: puffer fish, box fish, emperor fish, nudibranches, surgeon fish, trumpet fish and moray eels, sea horses, scorpion fish, leaf fish, octopus, blue spotted rays, barracudas, tuna, reef sharks, turtles, dolphins. 

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